Launching The Kiwi Goodness Company

Say what? It’s finally time! The Kiwi Goodness Company is proud to launch three new tasty gummy supplements to New Zealand shores. Crafted and manufactured right here in Auckland, these yummy delights are full of the nutritious goodness your diet needs daily.

The Kiwi Goodness Company may be a new name to your household but expect it to stay around for quite some time after you taste our brand new delicious gummies. With founders who have more than 40 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry, you’re sure to love these products. Made with a base of New Zealand Mānuka Honey and a few added extra’s, these gummies have been carefully crafted to fuel your body.

After four years of designing a household, gelatine-free, nutritious supplement, The Kiwi Goodness Company are powering into the market. With a guarantee to impress not only you but your kids too, we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

We caught up with founder, Raj Bhikha, who you could say is a low key legend, to hear his thoughts on the creation of TKGC.

What was the inspiration behind creating The Kiwi Goodness Company?

We set ourselves a challenge 5 years ago to create a wellness gummy company. Our family business was already successfully manufacturing confectionery and we leveraged our knowledge from this to set out to create TKGC. We wanted to deliver great-tasting wellness gummies using only the best high-quality ingredients which could be enjoyed by everyone, and made right here in NZ.

Why did you decide to make this product gelatine-free?

We wanted our wellness gummies to appeal to everyone, and by having a non-animal based gelling agent it allows us to create wellness gummies that are completely vegetarian.

What was the process behind making these gummies? How long has the R&D process taken your team?

The R&D process started about 4 years ago by creating the concept behind not only TKGC but also what products we wanted to create and manufacture. That led to months of research, ingredient sourcing, recipe testing and trialling, market research groups, packaging development and now making our wellness gummies available in the marketplace.

What are you most proud of with these products?

We are proud that we have been able to successfully create wellness gummies that taste delicious and have given people another way to reap the benefits of these high-quality ingredients without having to take them in their raw form.

Who would you recommend invests in these products? Are they made for everyone?

The aim was to always create wellness gummies that were beneficial to anyone and everyone. Following on from that we decided to make a wellness gummy that was tailored to children so they could also reap benefits from the high-quality ingredients but in a way that was appropriate for them.

What do you as a team personally enjoy doing to keep fit and healthy?

We as a team have a range of people with different hobbies and interests that we tackle to keep ourselves fit and healthy. These range from daily walks, meditation, playing sports, going to the gym and everything in between. We believe it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and that was the basis for coming up with TKGC and these wellness gummies.

The biggest question to finish, which is your favourite gummy?

This is a difficult one as we love them all, but if we had to choose we think the Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon gummy nudges ahead with its strong but not overpowering ginger taste and the high-quality turmeric which we source from India and have processed in France before arriving in NZ to be incorporated into this gummy.

With the backing of health heroes all across the country, these are a gummy you’ll be dying to try. Pick your flavour (or try all three!!) and reap the rewards!