10 simple ways to boost your wellbeing

While taking your daily gummies is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t end there. In fact, you could say it starts there - and what a great place to start - but you owe it to yourself to take it further.

But what else should you do?

With the growth of social media influencers, everyone is a wellness expert these days so it’s hard to know what advice to follow and what not to follow, who to listen to and who to dismiss. 

The reality is no one can really give you a straight answer to that question of what you should do to look after yourself because everyone’s needs are unique - they depend on your own body, your own health, your own experiences and even your own current circumstances (which means that your needs also vary a lot depending on where you are at in life).

We can’t tell you who you shouldn’t listen to but we can tell you what you should definitely be listening to very closely: your own body.

True wellness starts from within and, by listening to what your body needs, you will keep it nourished, healthy and well. 

It’s not about ridiculously big goals or doing tough things - it’s about taking small steps every day to ensure you are living your best life, giving your body what it needs to keep you moving healthily and happily. 

The good news is that, because you’re here reading this right now, you’re already mentally prepared to start your journey towards a healthier life. Now comes the easy bit.

In addition to supplementing your nourishment with daily gummies, here are ten really easy things you can do every day (or almost every day) to get yourself on the path to wellness:

1. Journaling

There is nothing quite like putting pen to paper as a way to help manage your emotions. Try to start a habit of journaling every day - it doesn’t matter if it’s only writing down one sentence with your thoughts from that day or your hopes for the next one. It will help clear your mind.

2. Meditating

The biggest misconception about meditation is that it’s somehow hard to do. In fact, it is one of the easiest, most accessible ways to look after yourself. You can download an app like Headspace or Calm onto your phone and find five or ten minutes in a day to sit down and follow a guided meditation. But if even that feels too hard, just sitting still with your own thoughts for a few minutes will help you restore some clarity.

3. Learning to say “no” more often

Life is busy these days. So busy. We try to do it all, be everywhere with and for everyone. Sometimes, in an effort to not offend or “let down” another person, we let our own selves down by doing too much and stretching ourselves too thin. If your schedule feels too busy, then it definitely is. Send a couple of cancellations texts saying you won’t be making these appointments. The first couple of times are tricky but you will quickly learn that no one gets offended and you just got yourself some extra time to breathe.

4. Eating healthily

Healthy eating is the biggest victim of fads there is. One minute you’re being told to go keto, the other one paleo then after that they’re telling you about macros. You can try anything you want, but you can never go wrong if you focus on eating healthy food, whatever diet you choose to follow. Eat your greens and avoid over-processed foods - the rest will follow,

5. Move your body

Your body needs movement. It doesn’t have to be a marathon but you should aim to move a little bit every day. A ten minute walk around the block and, hey, you can even count that as meditation time if you work on clearing your thoughts during that time.

6. Rest

Resting is not a luxury - it’s a necessity. Humans spend roughly a third of their lives asleep which is a pretty long time in the grand scheme of things. That’s because resting and sleeping are the biggest restorative tools for your body. Practise good sleep hygiene by ensuring you get to bed at an optimal time for sleeping (again, there is no hard rule for this, as it depends on your personal circumstances) and make sure you keep screens away from your bed, for a restful night’s sleep. 

7. Practice yoga

This ancient practice has been around for thousands of years for good reason. Yoga helps restore your natural balance and slow down your body. The best bit? You can do it on your own, at home, in your own time. Ten minutes of yoga is ten times better than zero minutes of yoga so don’t be put off doing it just because you don’t have a full hour to dedicate to it.

8. Mind your posture

How are you sitting right now as you’re reading this? Not to sound like your mum but, come on, sit up straight. Wellness is as easy as paying attention to our body even when we’re not doing anything.

9. Stay hydrated

If needed, set yourself regular reminders on your phone to ensure you stay hydrated during the day. You will not believe the difference it’ll make to how your body feels.

10. Smile

This one has got to be the easiest one so we really recommend doing it daily - several times a day, in fact! 

Wellness isn’t always glamorous shots of downward facing dog poses on the beach at sunset.

Some days, wellness means booking yourself a spa treatment, other days it means chicken soup and an early night. 

In the end, wellness is the easiest thing - you just have to get yourself re-acquainted with your body and shift towards intuitively responding to what it needs from you, rather than following trends. Your body knows - and it tells you. You’ve just got to listen.

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